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> You, E., Ko, P., Jeong, J., Keum, S., Kim, J.W., Seo, Y.J., Song, W.K., Rhee, S.* (2020). Dynein-mediated nuclear translocation of yes-associated protein through microtubule acetylation controls fibroblast activation. Cell Mol Life Sci 77(20), 4143-4161. [Pubmed]
> You, E., Huh, Y.H., Lee, J., Ko, P., Jeong, J., Keum, S., Kim, J., Kwon, A., Song, W.K., Rhee, S.* (2019). Downregulation of SPIN90 promotes fibroblast activation via periostin-FAK-ROCK signaling module. Journal of cellular physiology 234(6), 9216-9224. [Pubmed]
> Jeong, J., Keum, S., Kim, D., You, E., Ko, P., Lee, J., Kim, J., Kim, J.W., and Rhee, S.* (2018). Spindle pole body component 25 homolog expressed by ECM stiffening is required for lung cancer cell proliferation. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 500, 937-943. [Pubmed]
> You, E., Huh, Y.H., Kwon, A., Kim, S.H., Chae, I.H., Lee, O.J., Ryu, J.H., Park, M.H., Kim, G.E., Lee, J.S., Lee K.H., Lee Y.S., Kim J.W., Rhee. S.*, Song W.K. (2017). SPIN90 Depletion and Microtubule Acetylation Mediate Stromal Fibroblast Activation in Breast Cancer Progression. Cancer Res 77, 4710-4722. [Pubmed]
> Kim, D., You, E., Jeong, J., Ko, P., Kim, J.W., and Rhee, S.* (2017). DDR2 controls the epithelial-mesenchymal-transition-related gene expression via c-Myb acetylation upon matrix stiffening. Sci Rep 7, 6847. [Pubmed]